Ecole de Provence

We, students, care about your health !

If you recently went to the school cafeteria, you may have seen something new… Indeed, Mrs Pacary’s students of the 11th grade have done a campaign against obesity to inform you about the risks of having bad food habits.
Each person of the English class has made a poster. Some of them are funny, some more serious. But they are all made to make you react on your food habits, to make you change your bad food habits. Actually, they ‘ve seen that what you eat can have an echo on your brain. In fact, the more junk food you eat, the stupider you are ! Then, if you have a balanced diet, your brain will be more effective. That’s why they have made those posters. To make you react !

They have exposed posters in the cafeteria, because each day a lot of students visit the cafeteria, to have a snack or a lunch. Furthermore, the school cafeteria offers a large choice of healthy food, like salads and fruits, beyond bad snacks like chocolate bars or sweets.
Then,while reading those posters you can react and maybe ask yourself if, for this lunch, you are going to take a big sandwich with French fries, instead of a salad which will be good for your health…

We hope you liked those posters, and you will change your food habits thanks to us !

Chloé Bonesso and Eugénie Bonnard